Tories will end spotlight hunting - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba - 2016

Conservation and public safety at stake: Pallister

A Progressive Conservative government will work in partnership with indigenous people, non-indigenous people and other stakeholders to put an end to spotlight hunting for all Manitobans.

“This is a conservation issue. It’s about respecting our relationship with nature and protecting it for future generations,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister. “It’s time this practice stopped.”

Animals are mesmerized by the lights and will stand for extended periods of time – much longer than during the day. They are transfixed by the light and have nothing even resembling a fair chance.

“Spotlighting is a public safety issue as well. It’s dangerous to people, property and livestock,” Pallister added.

Field officers in Manitoba believe spotlight hunting occurrences are increasing. A PC government will consider increasing resources (whether equipment or staff) so they can effectively perform their duties.