Tories will make Lake Manitoba outlet top infrastructure priority

Will build Lake Manitoba outlet instead of talking about it: Pallister

A new Progressive Conservative government will make it a top priority to build the flood protection necessary to keep Manitobans and their communities safe, beginning with the outlet needed to alleviate flooding around Lake Manitoba.

“Today I am announcing that a Progressive Conservative government is committed to completing this project and will provide our share of provincial funding to get it done,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister.

“Manitobans living around Lake Manitoba have waited far too long for relief,” said Pallister. “A PC government will make it a top priority to stop the delays and get shovels in the ground.”

Flood mitigation is an example of strategic investment that proactively saves countless hundreds of millions in damages and losses.  That is why a PC government will take action on this important issue and work with the federal government on flood protection infrastructure.  We will find the best solutions with the best returns on investment.

“Flood relief was promised to residents by the Selinger NDP years ago, and all the flood victims have seen is NDP inaction and coffee parties,” said Pallister.  “Projects such as these are required to bring security and peace of mind to Manitobans too long ignored by a government that just doesn’t care.”

Pallister also committed to an open tendering process on flood protection and other infrastructure projects.  “There will be no untendered Tiger Dams for NDP friends under a new Progressive Conservative government,” said Pallister.

“Manitobans know what it feels like to be downstream and watch some people protected while others are not,” Pallister said.  “It’s time to change that.  It’s time to give them their lives back. 

The estimated cost of the project is $495 million, $248 million of which was committed by the federal government in yesterday’s budget.