Vote for Throne Speech Vote for Selinger - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

By voting for his Throne Speech all NDP MLAs support Selinger for leader: Pallister

NDP MLAs need to understand “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”  That is to say you can’t oppose Greg Selinger as leader and premier, but still vote to prop him up.  Now ala Marie Antoinette the NDP has forced cake on all Manitobans.

“This is a campaign document for a premier running to retain control of his own party.  MLAs who say he is doing more harm than good by staying on as premier have ensured that tragedy will continue,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister.


The fact that dissident MLAs have supported the Throne Speech means they have endorsed Greg Selinger’s leadership and destroyed any credibility they may have gathered to themselves.  They have also ensured he will be the NDP leader in four months-time.