Wagner, Dancho and Szarkiewicz to carry PC banners in 2016 - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba - 2016

PC team strengthened by leadership of three more accomplished female candidates: Pallister

The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba is pleased to announce Rae Wagner, Raquel Dancho and Allie Szarkiewicz as candidates for the 2016 provincial election. Wagner will run in the Burrows constituency, while Dancho will carry the PC banner in Wolseley and Szarkiewicz will represent the party in Logan.

“These three accomplished candidates are bringing thoughtful voices and strong leadership to the PC team,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister. “I’m looking forward to working with all of them as we strive to bring a change for the better to residents of Burrows, Wolseley and Logan, and to all Manitobans.”

Rae is a disability claims administrator with previous experience operating her own massage therapy clinic. A mother of three, she manages two of her kids’ hockey teams and has volunteered with a neighbourhood residents group and a school parents advisory council.

Raquel is a policy analyst with the PC Caucus. She was previously a researcher with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy and has a degree in political science from McGill University.

Allie is a retired schoolteacher and longtime literacy advocate who has worked with the Manitoba government in creating provincial exams. She currently operates a home-based online business and is a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Committee at Grace Hospital.

The PC Party is continuing to build momentum across Manitoba, with more nominations coming in the weeks ahead.

The PCs have so far nominated 51 candidates in the 57 constituencies. Of the party’s 35 new candidates, 15 are women.