Where is the Remaining $25K? - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Why isn’t all money paid out as part of NDP approved no-work contract being recovered: Goertzen

Progressive Conservative MPI Critic Kelvin Goertzen wants to know why the NDP isn’t demanding all of the money paid as part of the no-work contract awarded to the former CEO of Manitoba Public Insurance be paid back.

“In May, the Minister responsible said the contract was for ‘help with the PUB application’. This work was never performed according to MPI,” said Goertzen. “It was the NDP that signed off on the contract in Cabinet so they need to explain to Manitobans why the work wasn’t done and the money was still paid out.”

The NDP are asking for a 3.4 percent increase to MPI rates this year. If they can afford to pay $25,000 without work being performed, they don’t need to ask Manitobans to pay more.